How can I express my love for him?

 How can I express my love for him?

Don't ignore him when he's together

Give your man your full attention and show him that he is your priority. When you two are together, spend some time without any interference. Avoid checking your phone too often, taking calls, or being distracted by it. Focus on what he says and does. Maintain eye contact, hold hands, and have time just for it.

Prepare his favorite meal It is known that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So, bring his favorite meal even if there is no special occasion. The fact that you know what he likes when it comes to food, shows that you care a lot about him.

Dress the way he likes it

Wearing that dress he loves to see you in, his brain is sending the right signals. It shows that you desire him, appreciate his admiration and want to look good for him. So, every now and then just a doll in his way!

I really like it

Who doesn't like compliments? While women attract a lot of them, men have to make do with fewer of them. However, men love genuine compliments whether it is because of their looks, dress, etiquette, or work. “It is difficult for men to capture fine details in conversations when it comes to admiration if they are not expecting it. Hence, it is advisable to have a direct dialogue with them to avoid misunderstandings,” says psychiatrist Konjal Shah. You'll see him glow after the compliment because you admire him for his qualities that make him feel safe because you chose him over other men.

take his advice

Any man will feel important when you seek his guidance on the various problems you may encounter. It shows that you trust his opinion on important aspects and that you value his judgment. It makes them feel efficient and useful.

say thank you

Maintaining the house is a shared responsibility, but all too often women take it for granted when men do chores in their absence. Men also have an extra energy for additional tasks, and if you have such a man in your life, do not forget to give because of his good deeds and express your feelings. Saying thanks will infuse positive energy into your relationship.

Be a good listener

Even men have problems that bother them both at home and at work. When these reach their limit, allow them to vent and help release all that stress. “Compared to women, men are less expressive when it comes to talking about their emotions. They often think logically and are afraid of ridicule. Therefore, when a man wants to open up to his partner, he wants her to be more sympathetic and listening. He is happier if you listen with intent and understanding. Points he's trying to make, rather than acting like a teacher or like his mother. He'll avoid any further catharsis, if the woman misses that opportunity," says Dr. Sonar. So, be patient because they share everything they are going through and he will show him that you care.

Get into a quick mood

Instead of sticking to a routine schedule of making love, indulge in a quick game every now and then. An hour of romance, foreplay, and lovemaking may not always be possible, so every once in a while, engage in plain, simple sex which is something guys really look forward to.

Give him a warm hug

Remember to give your man a good hug before leaving the house. And don't make it a quick flick, get it close to your arms and enjoy the squeeze. Guys bond through touch, so leave the hug for more than a few seconds. When both of you are done, you will end up receiving positive vibes from each other.

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