How much is 10 million rupees in Indian units?

 How much is 10 million rupees in Indian units?

English unit = Indian unit

One's = One's

Ten's = Ten's

Hundred = Hundred

Thousand = Thousand

Ten Thousand = Ten Thousand

Hundred Thousand = One Lakh

Million = Ten Lakh

Ten Million = One Crore

Hundred Million = Ten Crore

Billion = One Arab/Hundred Crore*

Ten Billion = Ten Arab/Thousand Crore*

Hundred Billion = One Kharab/Ten Thousand Crore*

Trillion = Ten Kharab/One Lakh Crore*

Ten Trillion = One Neel/Ten Lakh Crore*

Hundred Trillion = Ten Neel/One crore crore*

Quadrillion = One Padma

Ten Quadrillion = Ten Padma

Hundred Quadrillion = One Shankh

Quintrillion = Ten Shankh

Ten Quintrillion = One Mahashankh

Hundred Quintrillion = Ten Mahashankh

Sextillion = One Ank

Ten Sextillion = Ten Ank

Hundred Sextillion = One Jald

Septillion = Ten Jald

Ten Septillion = One Madh

Hundred Septillion = Ten Madh

Octillion = One Parardha

Ten Octillion = Ten Parardha

Hundred Octillion = One Ant

Nonillion = Ten Ant

Ten Nonillion = One Shisht

Hundred Nonillion = Ten Shisht

Decillion = One Singhar

Ten Decillion = Ten Singhar

Hundred Decillion = One Maha Singhar

Undecillion = Ten Maha Singhar

Ten Undecillion = One Adant Singhar

Hundred Undecillion = Ten Adant Singhar

In India, counting marked with * is/are used by the Government to refer humongous amounts instead of their same counterparts.

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