If 1/2 means half, then what does 2/3 mean?

 If 1/2 means half, then what does 2/3 mean?

Apart from half and quarters, a fraction is expressed as

<numerator cardinal number> <denominator ordinal number> (plus a plural ‘s’ if the numerator is not 1)

A ‘cardinal numbers’ is like one, two, three etc

An ‘ordinal numbers’ is like first, second, third etc

The numerator is the number above the line, and the denominator is the number below the line

So, here the numerator is two, and the denominator is three (whose cardinal number is ‘third’), so we call this fraction “two thirds”

1/2 is a special case - half.

1/4 & 3/4 use ‘quarter’ instead of the cardinal number ‘fourth’ (except in some countries where they would call 3/4 ‘three fourths’)

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