Types of Communicative Strategies

 Types of Communicative Strategies


Speaker carries to collaboratively and productively establish a topic. Basically, when you employ this strategy, you try to open a topic with the people you are talking to


Refers to any limitation you may have as a speaker. On some cases of communication, there's instructions that must be followed. Those instructions confine you as a speaker and limit what you can say


Pertains to the process by which people decides who take the conversational floor. Primarily, the idea is to give all communicators a chance to speak

Topic Control

Covers how procedural formality or informality affects the development of topic in conversation

Topic Shifting

Involves moving from one topic to another. It is where one part of a conversation ends and where another begins


Refers to how speaker address the problems in speaking, listening and comprehending that they may encounter in a conversation


Refers to the conversation participants' close initiating expressions that end a topic in a conversation

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