What should one month old kittens eat?

 What should one month old kittens eat?

this kitten needs its mother. is she there? can you give the kitten back today? if this kitten has no mother it can die easily. so no mama? then you need to be very serious about the care this kitten needs, it would be best if you gave kitty up to a rescue. turn up the heat to 80 degrees. feed it kitten milk replace every 3 to 4 hours. {yes, all day and all night.} you should get help. DON’T feed it on its back it will choke!!! go slow and easy with feeding. don’t let her get cold and don’t skip feeding so you can sleep, it might kill her. keep fresh water in a small bowl for her, she may or may not drink it, but it must be available to her. you need to rub her butt every few hours with a warm wet cloth till she poops a little. after she poops you can take a break from rubbing her butt for a while. kittens should go once to twice a day. at 5 weeks you can lower the temp to 75. offer her canned food, you might need to feed it to her at first, yes put a little in her mouth. she still needs the KMR till she’s at least 8 weeks old. {longer is even better.} get a small litter box. you better try really hard or this kitten will die. good luck. and you should google how to care for a 2 week old kitten, they may have some useful advice.

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