Explain the features of sustainable development.

 Explain the features of sustainable development. 

Main features of sustainable development are as under:

1. Sustained rise in real per capita income and economic welfare : 

There should be a sustained rise in real per capita income and economic welfare over time.

2. Rational use of the natural resources: 

Sustainable development does not mean that natural resources should not be used at all. It simply means that natural resources be rationally used in a manner such that they are not excessively exploited.

3. No reduction in the ability of future generation to meet their own needs:

Sustainable development aims at making of natural resource and environments for asking or raising the existing standard of living in such a way as not to reduce ability of the future generations to meet their own needs.

4. No increase in pollution :

Sustainable development discards those activities which in order to maintain existing high standard of living, prove deter mental to nature resources and environment. According to the concept, one should drishti from undertaking such activities as may increase pollution and decrease quality of life of future generations.

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