Letter to municipal commissioner asking for a public park in your area

 Letter to municipal commissioner asking for a public park in your area

The Municipal Commissioner

Name of City

November 9, 2016

Sub: Construction of Public Park

Dear Sir,

I, a resident of Model Town Extension, on behalf of the residents of the area, write to your esteemed self to request you to construct a Public Park in our area. Public parks have become indispensable necessities in the current times. Ever increasing pollution, contracting open space due to urbanization and industrialization, increasing traffic on roads, etc. all have contributed to the deterioration of environment and human health. And absence of open spaces in the modern colonies, townships, and residential areas has further aggravated the problem.

The worst lots that have been affected are: the young children, and the old people, besides all age group people. How unfortunate are the growing children! They don’t have any space left to play and have fun our side! The absence of open spaces, grounds, etc. has deprived them of the joys of playing outdoor games, which has affected their physical growth and development adversely. The elderly and the aged are far worse off. They have no place where they can go and sit peacefully!

Besides, the construction of a public park will be environmentally wholesome for the people of our colony. It will make the area look more beautiful! The trees and plants of the park will make the air quality purer.

Keeping so many benefits in mind, and for the welfare of our children, the old, and people, I appeal to you to construct a park in our area. We shall be grateful.

Yours truly,

Residents of Model Town Extension

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