Adobe Dreamweaver Certification Study Guide

 Adobe Dreamweaver Certification Study Guide

Which terms describe a Dreamweaver site that hasn't been published to a remote server?

a. local site

b. root folder

c. local folder

d. remote site

Answer: A

Choose the two best options to add an e-mail link to a website.

a. add an href <mailto> tag

b. use the Link Target command

c. use the insert e-mail link command

d. insert an href <hyperlink> tag

e. insert a named anchor in the page

Answer: A and C


Choose the tab you would use to insert a navigation bar.

a. data

b. spry

c. layout

d. common

Answer: D

Which two elements constitute a rollover button?

a. original image

b. shading image

c. element image

d. rollover image

e. secondary image

Answer: A and D

Which two files can be imported using the File>Import Command?

a. MS Excel (.xls) files

b. MS Visio (.vsd) files

c. MS Word (.doc) files

d. MS PowerPoint (.ppt) files

e. Adobe Photoshop (.psd) files

Answer: A and C

Which two view types are available in the Files Panel?

a. repository view

b. code view

c. server view

d. remote view

e. browser view

Answer: A and D

Choose the right command that will download files from a remote site to the local machine.

a. upload files command

b. preview site command

c. synchronize site wide command

d. check links site wide command

Answer: C

Why does a designer perform a client survey during the planning phases of a website?

a. because the survey responses help the Web designer understand the client's needs.

b. Because the survey responses give the Web designer an understanding of the target audience needs.

c. Because the survey responses help the Web designer build the client's web site structure.

d. Because the survey responses determine the Web designer's billing costs for developing the client's Web site.

Answer: A

Choose three ways to make a website credible.

a. Make the website small.

b. Have a short web address.

c. Make it easy to verify information.

d. Have the site updated often.

e. Make it easy to be contacted.

f. Have large graphics on the web pages.

Answer: C, D, and E

Select contents protected by copyright laws:

a. Copyright laws protected work worldwide.

b. Copyright laws protect only published works.

c. Copyright laws protect only registered works.

d. Copyright laws protect published and unpublished works

Answer: D

What kind of written material can be used without first obtaining copyright permission?

a. original material

b. Copyrighted material

c. unpublished material

d. public domain material

Answer: D

When describing websites, what is meant by the term "accessible"?

a. Web site usability for all, including those with disabilities.

b. Organization of web site for optimal bandwidth considerations

c. Efficiency of navigation for users to move through a web site transaction

d. The configuration of computers and software needed for optimal performance.

Answer: A

. Select the three web page content types that are interpreted by screen readers.

a. Videos

b. Images

c. Page titles

d. Page body text

e. Column headers

f. Graphic headers

Answer: C, D and E

Choose two questions that contain the most common concerns when adding images as a web site.

a. What is the file size of the image?

b. What is the file name of the image?

c. Is a pixel border required around the image?

d. Is this the correct type of image file?

e. Is the image relevant to the web site?

Answer: A and E

How many colors do all browsers recognize?

a. 15

b. 16

c. 24

d. 32

Answer: B

Choose the two ways to improve end-user download speed.

a. use cascading style sheets for page layout.

b. Use the alt tag for large images.

c. Use thumbnails for large images.

d. Use tables for presentation format.

Answer: A and C

What is the advantage of optimizing images before adding them to a web page?

a. Sharpened images

b. Improved formatting

c. Reduced download time

d. Reduced development time

Answer: C

Which three site items should remain consistent throughout a web site?

a. Page layout

b. Quantity of text

c. Content type

d. Image placement

e. Font formatting

f. Navigation buttons

Answer: A, E and F

How many colors does the web-safe color palette contain?

a. 144

b. 216

c. 256

d. 360

Answer: B

Choose an attribute that maintains consistency throughout a website:

a. File size

b. File type

c. Page layout

d. Protocol layout

Answer: C

. For which reason should you restrict font styles when formatting your content?

a. Specialized fonts reduce the content readability.

b. Specialized fonts are expensive and increase file sizes.

c. Specialized fonts distract from the page design and purpose.

d. Specialized fonts must be already installed to display content as designed.

Answer: D

Which element may appear different when displayed in other monitors and browsers?

a. Colors

b. Alt Text

c. Buttons

d. Rich Media

Answer: A

Select three elements that make a web site more usable.

a. Help files

b. Site maps

c. Large images

d. Alternative text

e. Audio on page

f. Labeling of links

Answer: B, D and F

Select the object or property that screen readers interpret.

a. Sound

b. Movies

c. Alt Text

d. Image Maps

Answer: C

Select two ways a storyboard is used to create a web site:

a. To predict the costs of development.

b. To show detailed content of web pages.

c. For client pre-approval before development.

d. To create usability test before development.

e. To show placement of elements on a web page.

Answer: C and E

elect three elements that should appear on a web page design storyboard:

a. URL

b. Alt tags

c. Meta tags

d. File name

e. Navigation

f. Images / drawings

Answer: D, E and F

Choose the view used to display and edit source information created by a third party web design.

a. Split view

b. Code view

c. Source view

d. Third Party view

Answer: B

Select the four content types accessible from the assets panel:

a. Colors

b. Movies

c. FLA files

d. Templates

e. Commands

f. Library items

Answer: A, B, D and F

Which three functions does the Files Panel allow users to access?

a. Open files

b. Upload files

c. Update files

d. Edit image files

e. Insert the anchors

f. Organize files into folders

Answer: A, C and F

Where is website content stored on the computer?

a. Root folder

b. Remote site folder

c. My Pictures folder

d. Web server directory

Answer: A

Select the name of the folder that contains the website content on the server.

a. Web server

b. Remote folder

c. Local site folder

d. My Documents folder

Answer: B

Where do you put the spry assets folder, using the site definition dialog box?

a. Basic tab

b. Advanced tab

c. Window category

d. Template category

Answer: B

Select the two rich media file types that can be put in Dreamweaver Files.

a. SWF

b. MOV

c. FLA

d. PSD

e. DOC

Answer: A and B

Choose the two tools used to create a hot spot link.

a. Lasso tool

b. Polygon tool

c. Rectangular tool

d. Slice choose tool

e. Magnetic lasso tool

Answer: B and C

What is the primary benefit of using the diy tag instead of a table?

a. Easier coding for programmers.

b. Faster load time for Flash movies.

c. Easier image displays on a Web page.

d. Decreased download time for Web pages.

Answer: D

Choose the HTML tag used as an alternative to tables for organizing Web page content.

a. tr

b. div

c. align

d. fieldset

Answer: B

Which definition best describes absolute positioning (AP) when used with div HTML tags?

a. AP elements are placed on the page using task

b. AP elements are positioned on a page by columns and rows.

c. AP elements are moved around a page according to table cells.

d. AP elements are placed on the page according to their top and left properties.

Answer: D

Select the three div tag attributes.

a. td

b. ID

c. style

d. class

e. title

f. label

Answer: B, C, and D

Which two font sets are most commonly used and available?

a. Times New Roman, Times, Serif

b. Comic Sans, Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif

c. Georgia, Times New Roman, Wingdings

d. Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif

e. Times, New Roman, times, Impact, Serif

Answer: A and D

Select the text command to emphasize a block quotation.

a. Align

b. Indent text

c. Insert style

d. Format text

Answer: B

Find the HTML tag that italicizes text.

a. Tr

b. H1

c. Em

d. Title

Answer: C

Which HTML tag symbolizes a table cell?

a. Li

b. Tr

c. Td

d. Ul

Answer: C

Suppose that you are working with a web page that includes the HTML code below.


Which two parent tags are suitable for the code?

a. <p> </p>

b. <ol> </ol>

c. <ul> </ul>

d. <h2> </h2>

e. <strong> </strong>

Answer: B and C

Select the three options offered when the check spelling command does not recognize a word.

a. Ignore the word.

b. Change the word.

c. Delete the word.

d. Translate the word.

e. Change all occurrences of the word.

f. Look up the word with an online dictionary.

Answer: A, B and E

When you use the check links sitewide command, what links does Dreamweaver check?

a. Links to documents within the site.

b. Links to external documents.

c. Only links in the active document.

d. External links for a specific folder / site.

Answer: A

Find the two web page aspects estimated in usability testing.

a. Code correctness and efficiency.

b. User acceptance and satisfaction level.

c. User adaptation to navigating the web site.

d. The number of bugs and whether they can be restricted.

e. User skill level needed to participate in the usability test.

Answer: B and C

Select two techniques used to evaluate usability tests.

a. Ask a friend to look at the site.

b. Publish the site and encourage e-mail feedback.

c. Provide the site to the client and ask for their input.

d. Employ software that records each use task to review later.

e. Use observers who record reactions as users perform specific tasks in a lab.

D and E

You have made a contribute website to share a series of files and one of the shared files appears to be used by another user. What actions must the file owner make in order to prevent other users from editing the shared file?

a. Put

b. Publish

c. Check in

d. Check out

Answer: C

Which function is the most efficient for making global site changes?

a. Add music and JavaScript effects to the home page.

b. Create a new set of XML templates for each season.

c. Redesign the logo and seasonally add new images to the site.

d. Change the CSS background colors, text, and images on the web site.

Answer: D

What must you do to play the sound file automatically when the page loads?

a. Program a Java applet.

b. Create a link to the sound file.

c. Add the sound file to the site directory.

d. Embed the sound file as a plugin on the page.

Answer: D

Which Dreamweaver function allows you to create and store content for reuse?

a. Assets

b. Macros

c. Snippets

d. Templates

Answer: C

Choose which Dreamweaver resource gives example codes for mark up languages programming languages, and CSS styles.

a. Spry widgets

b. Quick tag editor

c. Reference panel

d. Adobe help viewer

Answer: C

Which symbolizes a table cell

a. <TD>

b. <TR>

c. <TABLE>

d. <HR>

Answer: A

Choose two techniques to evaluate usability test.

a. Obtain permission from client to show the page your friends

b. Employ software that records each user task to review later

c. Use observers who are paid for trying your site

d. Use observers who record reactions as user perform specific tads in the lab.

Answer: B and D

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