Explosives Handling Qualification and Certification

 Explosives Handling Qualification and Certification

All DON personnel that handle or physically
interact with ammunition and explosives must be
qualified according to what publication?
OPNAVINST 8020.14 / MCO P8020.11
**NOTE: The OPNAVINST 8023.24B was issued in
March 2010 as directed by the OPNAVINST
8020.14 and is now the lead instruction
regarding Qual/Cert for the Navy.**

Who initiates, monitors and maintains the
ordnance certification program?
Commanding Officer or Officer In Charge (OIC)

The Commanding Officer designates in writing,
what person as the ordnance certification board
Department Head, in a squadron normally the
Maintenance Officer

What is the minimum rank of an ordnance
certification board member (without a waiver)?

To conduct a post load inspection, an
Ordnanceman must be qualified and certified at
what minimum level?
Quality Assurance

What is the minimum level of certification you
must be to work without supervision?

Newly assigned personnel are never permitted to
work alone (unsupervised) until they have met
what criteria?
Are either certified at the level of Individual
or Team Leader

Qualification/certification board members must
be appointed in writing by what individual?

Ordnance used for classroom training should be
which of the following types - expended,
certified inert, expired or live?
Certified inert

Military personnel must meet the standards of
NAVMED P117 every five years until they reach what age?

According to OPM standards, civilian personnel
over age 60 should have medical exams at what
specific interval?
Every year/Annually

**Note: Recent changes in Aug 08 to the NAVMED
P117 now require physicals for explosives
drivers/handlers to be completed every two
years. Additionally, OPNAV and BUMED developed
standardized color coded OPNAV Forms/medical
examiner cards for explosive drivers (white)
and explosive handlers (yellow/off-white).**

What condition code is used for suspended in
Condition Code J - Ammunition that requires
investigation, technical evaluation or analysis
as a prerequisite to true condition
determination and classification.

What instruction governs the explosives handling QUAL/CERT Program?
MCO 8023.3A

Who will monitor the Ordnance Programs and Policies Branch and provide guidance for the Navy's QUAL/CERT Program?

Who provides assistance to activities with the implementation of the OPNAV 8023.24B and assesses the command's QUAL/CERT Program for compliance and effectiveness during periodic ESI's and COSR's?

Who ensures a command's/activity's explosives handling personnel QUAL/CERT program is in full compliance with the policy, guidance, and direction contained in the OPNAV 8023.24B?

What report is used to ensure that all personnel involved in operations involving AA&E are screened annually to ensure they are mature, stable and show a willingness and capability to perform assigned tasks dependably?
OPNAV 5530/1

Who shall conduct a self-assessment of the command's QUAL/CERT program annually using the QUAL/CERT self assessment guide?
QUAL/CERT Board Chair

Certification and recertification, unless revoked for cause, shall be valid for what amount of time?
The last day of the 12th month following certification/recertification

What is Work Task Code 1?

what is Work Task Code 2?

What is Work Task Code 3?

What is Work Task Code 4?

What is Work Task Code 5?

What is Work Task Code 6?

What is Work Task Code 7?

What are the Qualification / Certification Levels?
IT- In Training
TM- Team Member
TL- Team Leader
QA- Quality Assurance
SO- Safety Observer
QA/SO- Quality Assurance/Safety Observer

What are the 3 forms of training and what do they stand for?
A- On the Job
B- Lecture
C- Proficiency Demonstration

What form is the OPNAV 8020-2 (Rev 8-2008)?
Medical Examiners Certificate

What form is the OPNAV 5530/1 (7/2007)?
Arms, Ammunition and Explosive Screening

What form is the DD FORM 2760?
Qualification to possess firearms or ammunition

What governs the explosives handling QUAL/CERT program for the USMC?
MCO 8023.3A

How often shall a AA&E screening be completed for a ordnance qualified individual?

Who certifies a board member?
The CO

Who is responsible for the decertification and/or revocation of individual certification?
The CO

A lapsed medical qualification will invalidate an individual's certification; however, this is not applicable if the individual has a medical examination scheduled within how many days of the date the QUAL/CERT is due to expire?

Does the QUAL/CERT board chair need QUAL/CERT?
No. However, the board chair is not exempt from ensuring the required standards of explosive safety are in place and provided that the board chair does not handle AE or perform in the capacity of QA, SO or TL.

Referring to informal training and OJT, the person who observed the training must be certified to what certification level?
Equivalent or higher

Are personnel who are receiving OJT for Team Member (TM/IT) authorized to use live ordnance for training purposes?
No; unless authorized in writing by TYCOM or REGCOM

How long shall the written approval for use of live ammunition or AE for training be retained in the individuals training record?
2 years

A board member's Qualification / Certification jacket has to contain what letter to designate them as a Board Member?
A board member designation letter

Who is responsible for a commands QUAL/CERT Program?
The CO

Board members shall be at what minimum pay grade without a waiver?

True or False: There must be at least two board members observing for any AE task or evolution for the person being considered for certification/recertification PD?
False. Only one board member is suitable for a PD

Line items not requiring recertification shall be deleted by what means?
Making a single line through the entire line entry

Who is authorized to sign for the deletion and where?
The board chair shall initial and date the deletion in the right hand border

If revocation of certification happens, what form is it documented on?
OPNAV 8020/5

What does the OPNAV 8020/5 require if revocation of certification occurs?
A straight diagonal line made in red ink, signed and dated by the member being decertified and the board chair

What is the definition of revocation as it applies to QUAL/CERT?
Never to be recertified

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