Facebook Blueprint Certification

 Facebook Blueprint Certification

On a Facebook business page, in which two places can a business review reporting for boosted posts? (Choose 2)

Page posts

page insights

A men's retail business is launching a new shoe line with eight different style/color combinations. All styles must be shown to the audience. However, the business doesn't know which new products will best sell. The business wants to link each style page directly to the product to receive pixel information.Which ad format should the retailer use to meet these requirements?


A business wants to sell products online.

What ad format clearly displays both a video and a product?


What is the structure of a Facebook ad campaign?

Campaign -- ad set -- ad

What is the first built-in step for the campaign-creation process in Ads Manager?

Align the business goal to an advertising objective

What are two benefits of Facebook pixel? (Choose 2)

Helps advertisers reach the right people.

Measures the results of an ad across devices

A business wants to forecast reach. Which tool should an advertiser use to perform this task?

Estimated daily results

Where can an advertiser create a Custom Audience or lookalike audience?


If a business wants to retarget customers who previously purchased an item from its website, what audience type should it use?

Custom Audience

Which audience creation tool should be used to create an audience of people who have signed up for a business's newsletter?

Custom Audience

Which Facebook solution allows public figures, businesses, brands, organizations and nonprofits to create a presence and connect with an audience?


What is the minimum criteria to receive the "very responsive to messages" badge?

A response rate of at least 90% and a response time of less than 15 minutes


Upgrade to remove ads

Only $35.99/year

What is the first course of action required to establish a business presence on Instagram?

Switch a personal profile to a business profile

What is an advantage of using the slideshow format when designing a mobile creative?

It works well in areas with limited connectivity

A retailer is opening a new store and wants to optimize towards generating more physical store visits to that location to claim exclusive offers.Which objective should the retailer apply?

Store Traffic

A quick service restaurant client is launching a new delivery service and wants to build awareness of the service to a large number of people. The client wants to launch a campaign that reaches people ages 18-34 who are interested in food and dining. The client has two creatives: a 10-second video and a 6-second video. Which objective and placements should the client use?

Reach objective on Instagram Stories, Instagram feed and Facebook feed

A car dealership wants to receive data information on Facebook from potential customers to increase test drives.

Lead Generation

What are two roles available to manage an ad account? (Choose 2)



Which feature is available for a Page post?

Add a video

A company is delivering multiple ad sets and ads within a single campaign. The company wants to know the amount spent on a specific ad set. Where can this be found?

The Ad Set tab within Ads Manager in the Amount Spent column

A candy company delivers a campaign to generate maximum sales of its candies. Which metric should the company use to evaluate the success of the campaign?


Which setting must be selected to activate the ad scheduling feature?

Lifetime Budget

Which Facebook campaign objective should be selected to generate sales on a website or app


What action would a business want its customers to take if it selects Conversions as its campaign objective?

Make a Purchase

An advertiser recently installed the Facebook pixel on its website. At what level should the advertiser choose the conversion event optimization?

Ad set

An advertiser is delivering a Facebook campaign and recently created an Instagram business profile. Where should the advertiser navigate in Ads Manager in order to include the Instagram business profile in the campaign?

Ad level

Which two settings can be changed at the ad set level? (Choose 2)

Bid amount


What is a valid reason that an ad would be rejected by Facebook?

An image within the ad focused on individual body parts

Which two ad placement options are available in Instagram? (Choose 2)



What is the primary goal of a Facebook group?

A space to communicate about shared interests with certain people on Facebook

Use a (blank) to offer a clean, simple format that features engaging imagery and text surrounding it.

Single Image

Page Insights are most useful for Pages that have a least (Blank)

💯 likes

Use (blank) to grab people's attention with motion, show what your business offers and bring your message to life.


Your (blank) become more valuable the more often you post.

Engagement metrics

A (Blank) lets you show two or more images and videos, headlines, links or calls to action in a single ad.


Objectives that generate interest in your business, product or service.


A (Blank) allows you to turn images into eye-catching animated ads that play like a video without the time and money that might be required to produce an actual video ad.


Objectives that encourage people to learn more about what your business offers.


Facebook tool for reading metrics.


Objectives that encourage people interested in your business to purchase or use your product or service.


Ads Manager provides (blank) overarching campaign objectives to choose from.


In the overview, we can see how many (blank) the company has every day. choose 2




Upgrade to remove ads

Only $35.99/year

(Blank) is a few lines of code from Facebook that you copy into the header section of your website.


Under (blank), you can see the number of people who saw the post


A (Blank) is an audience that lets you show ads to people who may already interact with your business.

Custom Audience

In (blank), we can see the success of every post from the business.

All posts published

Information you share with Facebook is (Blank), that is, turned into short fingerprints that are impossible to reverse. up


If too many people (blank) your post, it may negatively impact your reach. choose 2



There are two main ways to use Custom Audiences:

*Refocus on your website visitors

*Find new customers

(Blank) become more valuable as you gain Likes and followers.

Page insights

Facebook offers free (Blank) to help you understand the actions that people take on your Page.

Page insights

Through the (Blank), you are able to read and respond to messages that your business receives through Messenger or Instagram Direct, as well as comments on your Facebook and Instagram posts.

Page inbox



We recommend that you connect your (Blank) to a Facebook Page that's associated with your business. This will make it easier to use all of the features available for businesses.

Instagram business account

To create a campaign, you'll need to select a (Blank).

Marketing objective

In a (Blank), you pick three to 10 photos that'll play like a short animated video in any order you choose.

Slideshow ad

(Blank) are set at the campaign level, meaning you may create different ad sets and ads within that campaign.


One great benefit of slideshow ads is that they load quickly on mobile devices, so they usually play well at any (Blank).

Connection speed

Before you can get started in Ads Manager, you'll need a (Blank).

Facebook business page

When you first navigate to your Ads Manager settings, you'll be presented with the (Blank).

ad account setup

When you change your currency or time zone, you will automatically create a new ad account. Your old ad account will be closed, and (Blank).

all the ads created in that account will stop running.

You must set up a (Blank) before you can begin running ads.

Payment method

With the information Facebook pixel receives, you will be able to make sure your ads are being shown to the right people and: (Choose 2)

*Build audiences

*Unlock additional tools.

At the (Blank) You can edit the ad's name, creative and copy.

Ad level

Changes such as budget, cost and ROAS controls, schedule and name can be changed directly on the (blank)

Reporting table

(Blank) show you how much you may need to increase your budget to get the number of Results you want

Estimated daily results



(Blank) is an estimate of how many people are in an ad set's audience.

Potential Reach



(Blank) is number of people we estimate you'll reach in your audience, based on factors like your bid and budget.

Daily reach

Daily Reach and Results estimates may vary based on several factors. Try the following 2 tips to optimize your estimates:

-Increase your audience

-Increase your budget



This is where you add text to a post. For example, you can introduce a new product or get your customers excited about an upcoming event.

Content box



Choose where, when and to whom your post will be shown.

Sharing options

Facebook ad policy no-nos (5 answers)

-Misleading buttons

-Before and after images

-Sexually suggestive

-Shock and scare images

-Brand assets (Facebook or Instagram Logo's old or new)



Your Page Inbox is organized into three categories: comments & more,

(choose 2)


Automated responses

In a Facebook Ads Manager account you can change your: Time zone, currency, (2 more)

Payment methods

Spending limit



An account spending limit will help control your total ad costs by (Blank).

Pausing your ads when the limit is reached.

What are the two main options for selecting your ad duration:

Custom duration

Pre-populated duration

You can evaluate and analyze your campaign, ad set or ad results in (Blank).

ads manager

We recommend using (Blank) to review reporting metrics for the campaigns, ad sets or ads you want to change.

Ads manager



Based on the performance of your campaign, ad set or ad you can choose to either (2 answers).




To turn ad delivery back on, you may need to (Blank)

Turn on the parent ad set and campaign.

After you duplicate your campaign, ad set or ad, the next step is to (Blank).

Edit it

At the (Blank) You can edit the campaign's name and spending limit.

Campaign level

At the (Blank) You can edit the ad set's budget and schedule, audience, placement, optimizations and delivery.

Ad- set level

(Blank) provides audience summary information about the Audience Reach.

Ads manager

When it comes to audience size Ideally, your audience should be (Blank)


A defined audience is one that is (2 answers)

-Specific enough to reach the people most interested.

-But not so specific that you can't reach them.

The Daily Results estimate is based on your (Blank)

Campaign objective

Choose different content types to add to your post from here.

Post options

Your (Blank) will show up on your Page's timeline. It may also appear in the News Feed of people who like or follow your Page.


Unlike your feed, people can only see your Stories for (Blank) after you post it

24 hours

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