Facebook Certification

 Facebook Certification

A business set up a campaign. During the process, it tested different placements and observed a higher estimated total reach when it selected automatic placements.

Automatic placements more efficiently allocated the ad set budget.

Which two variables are available for split tests? (Choose 2)

Audience & Placement

What's the difference between reach and impressions?

Impressions refers to how many times an ad appeared on a screen. Reach is an estimate of how many people saw an ad.

How many levels exist in the Facebook campaign structure?


Which of the following is a benefit of reviewing conversion events with a Facebook pixel?

Businesses can determine optimal advertising strategies

A business wants to set up a split test.

At which level should the business choose this option?

Campaign level

Which two types of posts can be boosted on Facebook? (Choose 2)

Events organized by the business

Special offers

What can a boosted post help an advertiser achieve?

Increase engagement on Page content

A new ecommerce company wants more people to start conversations through Messenger or WhatsApp for customer service.

Which campaign objective should be used to meet this business goal?


A bank releases a mobile banking app and wants to increase app downloads with its new customers.

Which campaign objective should the bank use?

App Installs

Which two payment methods are acceptable in the billing section in Ads Manager? (Choose 2)

Credit & Debit

Which three parameters can be used to reach potential customers and determine a Core Audience? (Choose 3)

Gender, Location, and Age

When can you include a link to your website?

When you create an ad

Which two Facebook solutions enable businesses to communicate privately and instantly with customers? (Choose 2)



You want to set a maximum bid amount for individual actions like link clicks and landing page views. What should you create?

Facebook ad

To maximize audience attention to still images in an ad campaign, which strategy should you use?

Create a slideshow of the images

What is a pixel custom conversion?

An event that a business can define to collect information about actions taken on its website

What are three primary uses of a Facebook business Page? (Choose 3)

Connect with customers

Have an online storefront for the business

Connect with potential employees

A brand wants to send more people to the App Store to download its app.

Which campaign objective is most relevant?

App Installs

Which interface can be used to set up a Facebook ad campaign?

Ads Manager

A business only has high-quality photos as creative assets. It's interested in testing video ads but doesn't have resources to create them.

What solution should the business try?


What has the highest text character limit?

Facebook Page post

An online store wants a database of customer information but it does not have the Facebook pixel installed.

Which campaign objective meets this business goal?

Lead Generation

What is the first step required to establish a business presence on Facebook?

Create a Page

What should be the first step in planning a marketing campaign on Facebook?

Align the business goal with a campaign objective

How can a business increase the reach of an organic post on its Page without creating a campaign in Ads Manager?

Boost the post

Which Facebook solution can help to create a sense of community with an audience?


Which two ad placement platforms are available when you create an ad in Ads Manager? (Choose 2)

Audience Network

Instagram Feed

What action does a business want its customers to take if it selects Engagement as its campaign objective?

Like a post

What are the first two campaign objective categories in the ads creation flow? (Choose 2)



What feature is unique to Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories?

Content disappears after 24 hours

What is a similarity between a boosted post and Facebook ad?

Both require budget to be shared with a wider audience

An advertiser wants to get a high-level view of how all of their campaigns are performing.

Which level should they view to see these results?

Ad account level

Which element is required to create a Custom Audience from website visitors?

Facebook pixel

When you create Instagram content, what is the most effective way to engage with followers and people who have expressed interest in a business?

Use hashtags, locations and likes, and comment on photos that people have tagged the business in.

A brand launches a new website and wants to encourage people to visit it.

What should the brand select first to create the campaign?

The appropriate ad objective

In what order is a Facebook advertising campaign created?

Campaign, ad set, ad

A shoe advertiser runs a campaign for a new product launch in September. The 30-day campaign only reaches 10 people.

What target might explain the low reach number?

Women ages 18-35 in London who like vegan shoes

Which of the following apps can be used to view Ads Manager on mobile?


What can you estimate when creating a brand awareness campaign?


Where is the pixel installed?

Business website

Which of these is part of the Consideration objective category?


Which data protection law was specifically designed to protect children?


What is Oculus?

Virtual reality software and hardware

What are two benefits of selecting automatic placements? (Choose 2)

It gives the ad delivery systems increased flexibility to find the best results

It typically generates the most efficient use of budget and helps control costs

What is organic reach?

The number of people who have seen a post through unpaid distribution

Which of these is an ad account permission granted to the analyst role?

Access reports

A brand has a new goal to get more people to see, share, like and comment on individual posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Which campaign objective is appropriate for this brand?


A music store owner wants people to click a link in an ad and visit the store website to read more about guitar repair services. After runs the ad for a week, the results show 276 link clicks. The cost per result was 29 cents per link click. Approximately how much did the store owner spend to see these results?


What is the mission of Facebook?

Give people the power to create community and bring the world closer together

Which two actions can be performed by the Page moderator on a client Page? (Choose 2)

Send messages as the Page

Remove and ban people from the Page

What action does a business want its customers to take if it selects Traffic as its campaign objective?

Visit business website

A business decides to close its store early during the holidays and wants to make sure its customers are made aware organically. What should the business create?

A Page post

What is a benefit of using a Facebook ad instead of a regular Page post?

Facebook ads can reach a more specific audience.

What is the main difference between the Traffic and Conversions objectives?

The Traffic objective optimizes for clicks, while the Conversions objective optimizes for actions.

Which Instagram surface allows a business to connect with individuals or groups of people?


A brand wants to show ads at certain times.

How should the brand schedule ads?

Time and day

A business wants to acquire new customers and increase sales.

Which strategy should the business select?

Create a campaign with the Conversions objective

A retailer based in Europe is expanding to new locations in Asia and wants to introduce the brand to the new market.

Which two ad objectives are appropriate for this retailer? (Choose 2)


Brand Awareness

Who do businesses try to reach with a lookalike audience?

People who have a similar profile to an existing audience

What action would a business want its customers to take if it selects Conversions as its campaign objective?

Make a purchase

A business wants to forecast reach.

Which tool should an advertiser use to perform this task?

Estimated daily results

A company is delivering multiple ad sets and ads within a single campaign. The company wants to know the amount spent on a specific ad set.

Where can this be found?

The Ad Set tab within Ads Manager in the Amount Spent column

Which Facebook campaign objective should be selected to generate sales on a website or app?


Where can an advertiser create a Custom Audience or lookalike audience?


What is the first step of the campaign creation process in Ads Manager?

Align the business goal to an ad objective

If a business wants to retarget customers who previously purchased an item from its website, what audience type should it use?


Why would an advertiser install a Facebook pixel? (Choose 2)

To measure the results of an ad across devices

To reach the appropriate audience

What is the structure of a Facebook ad campaign?

Campaign, ad set, ad

What can a Facebook group help a business do?

Create a space for people to communicate about topics and interests related to the business

A car dealership wants to receive contact information from potential customers to increase test drives.

Which ad objective is appropriate for this business?

Lead Generation

What is a reason that an ad would be rejected by Facebook?

An image within the ad focused on individual body parts

A quick service restaurant client is launching a new delivery service and wants to build awareness of the service to a large number of people. The client wants to launch a campaign that reaches people ages 18-34 interested in food and dining. The client has two types of creative: a ThruPlay video and a six-second video.

Which objective and placements should the client use?

Reach objective on Instagram Stories, Instagram feed and Facebook News Feed

What are two roles available to manage an ad account? (Choose 2)



What is an advantage of the slideshow format when you design a mobile creative?

It works well in areas with limited connectivity

An advertiser is about to deliver a Facebook campaign.

Where should the advertiser navigate to in Ads Manager to include Instagram in the campaign?

Ad level

On a Facebook business Page, where can a business review results for its boosted posts? (Choose 2)

Page Insights

Page Post

Which two ad placement options are available in Instagram? (Choose 2)



What is the first course of action required to establish a business presence on Instagram?

Switch a personal profile to a business account

A business wants to sell products online.

What ad format displays both a video and a product?


A retail business is launching a new shoe line with eight different style and color combinations. All styles must be shown to the audience. However, the business isn't sure which products will sell best. The business wants to link each style page directly to the product to receive pixel information.

Which ad format should the retailer use to meet these requirements?


What is the minimum criteria to receive the very responsive to messages badge?

A response rate of at least 90% and a response time of less than 15 minutes

Which feature is available for a Page post?

Add a video

To create an audience of people that signed up for a business newsletter, which audience creation tool should a business use?

Custom Audience

A candy company delivers a campaign to generate maximum sales through its website.

Which metric should the company use to evaluate the success of the campaign?


Which two settings can you change at the ad set level? (Choose 2)


Bid amount

A restaurant launches a video campaign for a new location. The goal is to maximize the number of times the video has started to play per impression.

Which metric should be used to measure success?

Video plays

To activate the ad scheduling feature, which setting should you select?

Lifetime budget

An advertiser recently installed the Facebook pixel on its website.

At what level should the advertiser choose the conversion event optimization?

Ad set level

Which Facebook solution enables public figures, businesses, brands, organizations and nonprofits to create a presence and connect with an audience?


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