Red Star Certification

 Red Star Certification

step 1 of customer service

Friendly Greeting

Step 2 of CS

Beat to Seat

Step 3 of CS

Suggestive Sell

Step 4 of CS

Write Guest Check

Step 5 of CS

Call Order

Step 6 of CS

Call back, Watch

Step 7 of CS

Anticipate needs

Step 8 of CS

Deliver hot food, total guest check

step 9 of CS

Follow Up, pre bus

Step 10 of CS

Collect payment at register

#1 Service Priority

Greet All Customers

#2 Service Priority

Delivering Hot Food

#3 Service Priority

Taking Payment at the Register

#4 Service Priority

Taking the Current Customer's Order

#5 Service Priority

Set up Silverware and present a menu to new customers

What comes with the egg and omelets meal

grits, toast and jelly. Hash browns or tomatoes can be substituted for grits.

What comes with a dinner meal

Meat, hash browns, one slice of grilled texas toast, and a garden salad.

What meats come with a dinner/steak and eggs meal

T-Bone, Sirloin, Pork Chop, Chicken, Country Ham

What comes with the Steak and Eggs dinner

Choice of meat, two eggs, hash browns, toast and jelly


lettuce, tomato, onions


cheese and onions on texas toast

What toppings do sales people put on

gravy and chili

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