SEMrush SEO Certification

 SEMrush SEO Certification

In the late 90s, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were working on their own search engine, and at that time they were the first ______.

to use links as a signal of authority and trust

What do Google spiders do?

Crawl the content of webpages to add to the index


What are the "10 blue links?"

Standard organic search results, not including Google Ads or local packs

It is good to pay attention to technical aspects when you're doing SEO, but ignoring them wouldn't be a big mistake.


HTTPS is a protocol with a security certificate that encrypts communication between your computer and a site, so no one can see the data that's transmitted.


What does the Google PageSpeed Insights tool do?

Analyzes sites for various best practices related to page speed

Choose the two commands that will prevent Google spiders from crawling a page AND scanning links on that page:

Noindex, nofollow

What does TLD refer to?

Top Level Domain

Which of the listed items will help you avoid duplicate content? Choose two answers.

1. Using a 301 redirect

2. Pointing to the canonical pages with the rel="canonical" tag

______ is the most commonly used structured data markup for SEO. It's the result of a collaboration on behalf of Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex.

A ______ means the page is working like it's supposed to, and the spider should crawl and index the page. A ______ means that the page in question doesn't exist.

200 code, 404 code

Which of the listed SEMrush tools helps you analyze your site's speed?

Site Audit


Upgrade to remove ads

Only $35.99/year

The Penguin update in early 2012 adjusted Google's algorithm to consider a site's overall number of links instead of the relevancy of each link.


What does a generic anchor text refer to?

Clickable text that tells what words to click on to access a link, like "click here" or "read more"

Which of the following link types will be beneficial to a site's authority? Choose two answers.

1. Links earned from great content

2. Links from industry-related sites

Link analysis tools from SEMrush emulate Google's spiders.


The link building strategy in which you look for high-quality, authoritative pages that have links pointing to pages that no longer exist, and let them know that you've got a brand new page with a piece of content that answers the same question or need is called ______.

Broken link building

Which update helped Google get much better at understanding keyword semantics?

Hummingbird update

______ is a broad term with high traffic and lots of competition. ______ is a phrase with the lowest amount of traffic and moderate competition. ______ is the most focused term with lowest traffic and competition.

1. Fat head

2. Chunky middle

3. Long tail

What is the right way to optimize your content?

Creating content that answers the questions users are asking

The text within the ______ tag usually populates the text of your blue link on a Google SERP, and the text within the ______ tag populates the grey text underneath.

1. Title

2. Meta description

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